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The main sphere of our work is the complex installation of accessory equipment for diesel powered heavy vehicles. Each accessory system that we install performs its task.

Why it is convenient to work with us

We have our own warehouses in Russia and the CIS. We support and replenish the inventories of equipment and service kits there. Due to our established logistic system, we can control the delivery time: today we sign the contract, and tomorrow we deliver and install the equipment.

We offer working solutions. Take, for example, a fire suppression system: it is not just a fire extinguisher in the cabin, it is a complete system which is divided into all compartments having a high fire potential ignition. When needed, the system works to extinguish all fire hazard areas.

We organize complex delivery of equipment. Let's say you need to install fast fueling system and a lubrication system. You do not need to look for 2 different companies, sign contracts with them and spend twice the money. We install and maintain an entire line of accessory equipment products.

We practice deferred payment. Depending on the terms of our agreement, we offer postpay and deferred payment plans.

These manufacturers trust us:

We make the world more reliable

Managers often turn to us when a vehicle has already burnt down. They are looking for fire suppression systems to equip their remaining fleet of heavy vehicles. We, of course, do this, but still believe that it is more advantageous to solve your safety and security needs upfront at the time of purchase, by equipping your vehicles with a fire suppression system. By doing this you will protect yourself, your employees and your capital investment.

Those who need our services:

Equipment Consumers

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These are enterprises that use heavy machinery. In fact, they are the end users of our accessory equipment products. Logging companies, oil companies, mining, chemical enterprises, road works, construction, metallurgical plants, agricultural producers, ports and private individuals who use machinery in logging and mining.

Equipment manufacturers

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These are large companies, for example: Liebherr, CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, Belaz. They produce heavy vehicles and want to install accessory equipment on them to protect the vehicles from fire, rapid wear, or to increase productivity. The additions of these systems is an advantage which later allows them to sell their equipment faster and make a greater profit.

Equipment sellers

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These are the distributors of heavy vehicles for the manufacturers. For example, the Amur Machinery, Vostochnaya Technika, Zeppelin which are the companies that sell CAT machines in Russia. When these distributors participate in tenders for the equipment supply, they are usually required to install accessory equipment. They turn to us for the delivery and installation of all the accessory equipment before they sell the heavy equipment to their customers.

The territory of our distribution

Offices, warehouses and service facilities are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk, Tumen, Kemerovo, Chita, Yakutsk, Vladivostok, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and several other Russian cities. We also have at least one office in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Our clients

Our team

We love our work. We take courses and study not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. We monitor the market and choose suppliers with original equipment. We are able to work for the long term perspective. We know from experience how important it is to respond to the request in time, to reduce the delivery and installation time and save the budget.

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Individual estimate

Our specialists will contact you, find out the details and prepare an individual estimate for your company.