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Accessory systems installation

The main sphere of our work is the complex installation of supplementary equipment for heavy vehicles. Each accessory system that we install performs its task and it makes operation of heavy vehicles much more efficient and safer.

These manufacturers trust us:

We make world more efficient

The sphere of our equipment service benefits the larges economic enterprises of the country: oil and gas production, mining, steel mills, timber processing plants, airports. The equipment installed by us helps to extract oil and other minerals, build roads, cut down timber, and forms of manufacturing. We believe that the mission is of our company is to be an unfailing mechanism for these enterprises to achieve strategically important goals throughout the country.

Why you should install our equipment

We have our own warehouses in Russia and CIS.

Due to the established logistic system, we can control the delivery time: today we sign the contract, and tomorrow we deliver and install the equipment.

We practice deferred payment.

Depending on the terms of our agreement, we offer postpay and deferred payment plans.

Discount offers.

When ordering equipment for several machines, we discuss discount for the total amount.

We do the free dismantling.

If you buy from us accessory equipment, then we dismantle non-working equipment from your machinery for free.

We offer working solutions.

Take, for example, a fire suppression system: it is not just a fire extinguisher in the cabin, it is a complete system which is divided into all compartments having a high fire potential ignition. When needed, the system works to extinguish all fire hazard areas.

We organize complex delivery of equipment.

Let's say you need to install fast fueling system and a lubtication system. You do not need to look for 2 different companies, sign contracts with them and spend twice the money. We install and maintain the entire line of accessory equipment products.

We know our business.

We allocate resorces for our masters' training. We monitor the market and choose suppliers of original manufactured equiment. We are able to work for the long term perspective. We know from experience how important it is to respond to requests on time, to reduce delivery and installation time and to stay within the budget.

We provide after-sales service.

We not only install accessory equipment systems, but also repair them and provide technical and service maintenance.

We protect your capital.

By equipping machines with the right accessory systems at the time of purchase you ensure the reliability and safety for yourself and your employees and protect your capital investments.

Our clients

Our team

We love our work. We take courses and study not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. We monitor the market and choose suppliers with original equipment. We are able to work for the long term perspective. We know from experience how important it is to respond to the request in time, to reduce the delivery and installation time and save the budget.

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